As a producer of organic products, we ensure the highest quality of production which fulfill the market's need's.
Our products are all planted and grown on lands owned and invested by Dome Biology and are certified by (ccpb) the Italian certification body and conform to EU vegetation 889/2008.
Since the whole world is going green, Dome Biology is joining the global movement by launching its organic harvests of fruits and vegetables as well as processed products under the brand Go Organic. Go Organic, with its wide global network of door-to-door exportation, will provide the local and international market's with a wide range of organic products to fulfill the market needs.


Covering the whole production chain:
The moment you request your order; we select the best land for planting your goods with a full traceability system, passing by production process, and eventually the customized packaging, covering the whole production chain.
Fair trade system:
We work in coordination with a group of certified farmers in the whole process, starting from selecting the appropriate lands, training, producing ,supplying , and trading in order to preserve a series of Syrian high-quality organic products thus reducing the cost and increasing the feasibility, as well as creating a fair trade system for all parties.
Diversity Offer:
Starting from farming products, ready-to-eat products, and ending with the organic processed products.
Value Investment:
These organic roots' products are grown and harvested in Syria benefiting from the special conditions of the fair weather and fertile land while abiding by the international standards of organic farming.
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Overall, Going Green means taking steps to minimize the harm caused by humans to planet earth. It allows us to work in harmony with the ecosystem and enhance biodiversity, quality of life and the existence of the human race on earth.
Going Green means to live life in a way that is friendly to the environment and the earth as a whole.

Go Organic

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