Dome Biology

Dome Biology part of Dome Group which was Founded in 2009 based on successful track records all over the area specialized in:
manufacturing Em1 under license from Emro Japan
Producing, Exporting & Trading Organic products



EMOTIC “Animals for livestock and poultry Emotic Dynamic growth catalyst
EM.1 “Plants” Effective microorganisms natural biological fertilizer


A biotical natural confection, contains effective micro–organisms (Photosynthetic bacteria, Lactic acid bacteria, Actinomyces, Yeast, Fngi) which live together naturally and have a positive effect to improve the productivity of soil and it is completely safe.

EM.1 Applications


Benefits and Economic feasibility of EM.1 “Plants”

high quality and quantity of production

Reduces agricultural employment and the plant's
need for water and food and improve natural construction of soil

Reducing the use of agricultural chemicals and
Accelerate the germination of seeds

Plants grows faster and give a short crop which allows for another crop


Benefits and Economic feasibility of EM.1 “Animals”

Increase the final product by improving the metabolism

Save time in the breeding birds

Good health of the animals and birds

Limit the spread, flies and ticks